About Us

Sai support solutions is an Air Conditioning company, which currently employs some 30 employees, including commissioning and service technicians, and has the experience and expertise to successfully complete all types of commercial and industrial projects.

L.Vinoth kumar, as Managing Director, is responsible for the overall performance of the Service Company and, with his past experience, maintains Sai support solutions for quality maintenance and service programs. R.Velmurugan & S.praveen kumar are Assistant managers carry over all types of company related activities. R.Jegan Raj as a project engineer to take care of all design and project works.

Currently, the Service Company operates a team of 25 experienced service technicians to service and maintain not only the company’s installations, but many others as well.

Sai support owns and operates several effective and reliable means of communications. All our office staff carry mobile phones. 24 hours access is available.

On time service is available for clients such as hospitals, computer rooms, industrial processes, supermarket chain stores and the like. Moreover, due care is taken to create a pleasant working environment for the employees, as we are of the firm belief that a superior working environment is essential to produce superior products. The Company fulfills the cooling requirements of a large number of corporate, commercial as well as residential customers.

Backed by highly technical and qualified staff, the company provides end to end solutions in air conditioning, air purification, ventilation, heating etc. Sai support also provides its years of expertise through consulting and a wide variety of engineering products keeping in mind specific customer requirements.